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Read this guide first to see whether or not it’ll fit in your windows or conservatory, where to buy them at the best prices, and everything you need to know before making a purchase.

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What are Perfect Fit Blinds?

perfect fit system ukThe Perfect Fit Blinds System is an easy click-in frame solution for all types and styles of blinds such as Venetian, Roller, Pleated and Blackout. It’s an easyfit style that doesn’t involve drilling, screws, or holes, so your windows or conservatory is never damaged.

All blinds in the PF System provide complete child safety with a spring system for easy controls. Simply raise or lower the blind with the use of a tab, let go and it will remain in that position.

The finished screwless blind is fitted to the glass frame, allowing you to open your windows or doors without ever needing to touch or move the blind.

Which Blinds Fit in the Frame?

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

perfect fit roller blinds uk
  • Hundreds of colours and patterns available to suit your rooms
  • Control tab for raising and lowering the blinds
  • Perfect Fit Roller blinds look great in any position, half open, 3/4 open, etc
  • Offer a great level of privacy when down
  • Rollers Block light very well
  • More information

Best For: Design and Styles

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds
  • Perfect Fit Venetian blinds are one of the most popular options that are very versatile
  • More than 100 colour and pattern options
  • Tilt and turn wand to control the angle the light enters the room, or completely close it off
  • Control tab to easily move the Venetian blind up or down without cords
  • More information

Best For: Privacy and Light Control

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

perfect fit pleated blinds
  • Hundreds of colours and patterns available to suit your room
  • Performance fabrics on Pleated blinds help to regulate the temperature of a room, so it’s bearable to sit in your conservatory in the summer
  • Sun blocking liner available to completely block out the sunlight
  • Control tab for raising and lowering the Perfect Fit Pleated blinds
  • More information

Best For: Design and Performance

How Does The Perfect Fit System work?

The frame will click in between the glazing and the beading of uPVC windows for a seamless fit on the window or french door.

You can see an example of a clip in the photograph on the right. This clip is then attached to the frame which holds the blinds.

The blinds are installed into the frame with screws to hold it, rather than into your windows or doors. So your warranty remains intact, and you don’t permanently damage the frames.

This system can then be clipped onto your windows, doors, or conservatories without the need to drill or any screws going into your window frame.

The second photograph on the right shows an example of a fitted blind with the PF system. An added benefit you may notice, is that it is fully attached to the window, so when you open or close the window – it will stay in position.

clip on

The PF system works great in any room, doors, or even conservatories. The frame comes in white, golden oak, and mahogany – to match your uPVC colour. The blinds however, are available in a whole range of patterns and colours depending on your chosen type and supplier.

Any colour / pattern can be used in the frame. With most suppliers, this will give you over 200 options to choose from.

… and it won’t ruin your guarantee

Drilling into your uPVC windows, doors, or conservatories will void any guarantees provided by the suppliers and installers. Not only that, it leaves permanent damage. There will always be a hole where the screws were – but not with Perfect Fit. There is no drilling or screws into your uPVC – keeping your guarantee and not causing any damage.

Regular blinds require screws to be drilled into your conservatory to hold them in place. This leaves permanent damage to your conservatory and voids any guarantee provided by the suppliers and installers.

With Easy Fits, they just clip in. That means they can be taken out at any time, with no damage at all. And they’re securely clipped in, so there’s zero chance of them falling out.

This makes them even better for conservatories and doors, but also…

The fit against the window makes them especially useful for windows or doors you open regularly.

In the past, not only would the blinds void your guarantee by drilling holes into the uPVC, they would also restrict access to the handles. You would have to raise the blind to access the handle, or worse, reach through the blind potentially damaging it. Not only that, but it also took up valuable space on your kitchen window sills.

With the PF system, the blinds are fitted behind the handles, allowing full use for opening and closing windows or doors, while still having full light and privacy control.

Looking for blinds for your french or patio doors?

This is the best solution on the market today. You can save your guarantee, and easily access the doors with the blind fitted.

They’re also great for inward opening doors, byfold doors, and patio doors.

For any of these types, you’ll be able to have full, unrestricted access to the door. That means you’ll be able to open the door without having to touch the blinds, and when you do open it, they won’t swing out or get trapped in the door. They’re securely fitted against the window, in the frame, so they’re ideal for regularly used windows or doors.

Perfect Fit Blinds Review – Buy or Pass?

Perfect Fit blinds are a great solution for conservatories, doors, and windows that you plan on opening. They fit perfectly in place by just clicking the blind into the frame. This makes them an easy fit for around 95% of windows. Whether they’re used in a conservatory, bedroom or bathroom, they will make a great addition to your home.

Pros to using them:

  • No holes, screws, or damage to your property
  • Extremely simple to take down if ever needed
  • Fastened to the glass frame, so you can open the window/door without it swinging out or getting in the way
  • Matching blinds available for ones outside of the PF system
  • Hundreds of colours and patterns available
  • Different types such as Perfect Fit Venetian, Roller, Pleated & Blackouts
  • All components manufactured in the UK

But there are a couple potential downsides to note:

Firstly, they can be more expensive than without the frame. If you don’t need access to your window sill, and it’s not for a door or window which you’re regularly accessing – then this may be acceptable. But for anything where you would normally drill into the uPVC, this will be less expensive than permanently damaging it and voiding your guarantee.

The final point to consider is that unfortunately, the system does not fit every type of window. You’re most likely to be fine, in fact, it will fit 95% of UPVC double glazed windows with a bead depth between 18mm and 38mm. But there are obviously some windows where it does not fit.

If you’re unsure if that’s yours, don’t worry. You can arrange an appointment with our recommended supplier, Hillarys, and your local advisor can answer that for you.


We highly recommend Easy Fit Blinds, especially to anyone with tilt and turn windows, conservatories, doors, or windows regularly opened.

There’s nothing else that works serves this purpose better. And for homes with children, they’re extremely safe to have around – as there’s no cords, free-hanging or otherwise.

Where to Buy in the UK?

The first decision you will need to make is whether to buy online and risk measuring it wrong, or to have a professionally trained and experienced blind installer in the UK, measure and fit it for you at a very reasonable cost.

Professional Measuring

We recommend Hillarys, the UK’s biggest suppliers and fitters of made to measure window blinds.

They provide a free appointment for measuring your windows, doors, or conservatory, they will bring a real life sample frame for you to look at, as well as slat samples to match up against your rooms.

To get your free appointment with Hillarys, give them a call on 0800 328 4170 or click here to book online.

Measure and Install Yourself

If you have professional experience with precise measuring, you may be interested in purchasing from Web-Blinds.

You will be hoping the colour/pattern is the same as it looks on a computer screen (they’re not always the same), but you can have them ordered today by entering your sizes online.

Click here to look at Web-Blinds selection and order online

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Recommend Self Installing?

While the PF frame is designed to be simple to install, allowing you to easily take them down and put them back up yourself – if needed. This doesn’t guarantee they’ll be measured correctly.

Our recommendation is to have an expert measure and install them for you, just to guarantee there are no issues for you. You can see our recommend suppliers here.

Do Perfect Fit Blinds Damage Windows?

Your windows will not be damaged in the slightest. The easifit frame will easily clips to the uPVC windows with no drilling or holes, so there is absolutely zero risk of damage to your windows.

Can You Raise Perfectfit Blinds?

Absolutely, just pull the tab up and down to raise or lower the blinds, and tilt the wand to change the angle for full light control.

Will I Still Be Able To Open My Doors With This?

Absolutely. Even if you have byfold doors, the blinds will sit inside the frame, allowing the door to be fully functional as normal.

Do Perfect Fit Blinds Fit All Windows?

For 95% of UPVC double glazed windows with a bead depth of between 18mm and 38mm, easi fit blinds will work 100%. If you’re unsure if you’re in the 95%, don’t worry, just schedule a free appointment in your home with our recommended supplier.

Can You Get Lining to Block the Sun?

If you want complete darkness you can optionally add lining to block the sun, and the fabric will fit flush behind the frame..

Are PerfectFits Safe to Have Around Children?

Don’t worry PF blinds are totally safe around children. There are no open loose cords or chains, all products use a tab and/or wand for controls. Learn more about child safety here.

How Do I Install the Frame Myself?

If you’ve got a lot of experience with accurately measuring yourself, and want to take the risk of doing it yourself. This video will help you with the process: