covering the windowIf you want to get a pair of Perfect Fit blinds but want to know what some of the alternatives are then this article is for you.

We highly recommend the PerfectFit system for pretty much everybody but if you want to see some other options then we will go over them in this article. The benefits and drawbacks of each one will be gone over so that you can make an informed decision.

Intu Blinds

One of the main competitors of Perfect Fit is the Intu brand. They have established themselves as one of the top manufacturers of fitted blinds in the UK. We wrote another article that goes in depth on comparing PF to Intu.

The main thing to know is that the Intu brand has a surface fitted plastic cover. The cover has a slider that enables the tilting of the blinds. You tension the Intu blinds by putting a small hole in the window bead and using plastic plugs.

Overall the reason that we recommend the Perfect Fit system is that it has the clip in frame that doesn’t need drilling or holes. This is just such a huge advantage to have and makes it easy to install.

Pure Blinds

Pure blinds are a model that is specially suited for use in conservatories. They differentiate themselves from Perfect Fit in that the frame takes up less room in the window. This is true to a certain extent, however when you really break it down the extra space taken up by the Perfect Fit system frame is not that great.


Contrary to other models, Pure pleated blinds actually don’t have a frame. Instead, they have a top and bottom rail that fits snugly around the glazing beads. The benefit to this is that it doesn’t take up much space and hardly covers any glass.

Another point made by Pure is that Perfect Fit blinds come in a limited choice of colours so if your conservatory is, for example, brown, then the frame of the perfectfits can be visible from the outside looking in. You also might be able to see the white clips that hold the blind in place which some people might not like if they are particularly picky.


Overall we still highly recommend Perfect Fit blinds over every other model. Sure, there are some benefits that other brands have, but when you break it all down nothing beats the super convenient installation and take down of Perfect Fit System window blinds. View our complete guide if you want more info.