Blackout blinds are an extremely popular request all over the UK. For some rooms, like conservatories, the room temperature would be unbearable without them. There are so many types out there that it can get confusing. You may be confused as to how to pick the best blackout blinds.

Keep reading, because in this article we are going to go over everything you need to know about blackouts and why they are the best option for your home. We also reveal where to get cheap prices on a new pair of blackouts in the UK.

What are Blackout Blinds?

perfect fit blackout blindsBlackout blinds are a type of window covering that filter out external light such as sunlight and street lights. They come in a few different styles with both fitted and non-fitted options available.

The fitted style (Perfect Fit) is the one that we recommend, as they are just so much easier to install and can save you a ton of headache.

Within the Perfectfit System, there are two types that you can optionally add a blackout lining to. These are the roller and pleated blinds.

Advantages of Blackout Blinds

Of course, you don’t need to have the PF system to add blackout lining to your blinds, but there are numerous benefits to it that we will go over.

Blocking Light

The frame prevents any light entering from the sides of the blind, so you can almost-completely block out the light entering the room. Other types of blackout blinds like the Roman style, fail to cover the sides so light is still able to get through. This is one area where other cheap brands in the UK can’t compare with the PF system.

Very Easy to Install

All of the PF System blackout blinds clips into doors, conservatories, and windows without any drilling or screws, so you won’t void your guarantee.

For French doors and regularly opened bay windows, you’ll be able to access it as normal – including the handles – without ever having to move the blind.

The control tab allows you to quickly and easily change the position of the blind, without any cords, so it’s safe for children and simple to adjust when the sunlight position moves.

Blackouts Can Help You Sleep

sleepingAs for blackouts in general, they’re great for helping you get a better sleep, reducing the glare on the TV or a laptop screen, and anywhere you would like to block the sunlight entering the room.

If you work the night shift then blocking out the sun is pretty much essential, and a blackout blind can help you accomplish this easily.

Thermal Lining Reduces Room Temperature

You can take this a step further with thermal lining, also available in the PF frame, so you can reduce the temperature of the room too. The thermal lining can be a lifesaver on those hot summer days in the UK.

Increased Privacy

Having the windows blacked out increases the privacy in your home. You don’t have to worry about people being able to see inside when you have a good pair of blackouts.

Decreased Energy Bill

Along with decreasing the room temperature, you can also save on your electricity bill. The blackout material reflects heat out of the room when it’s hot, and also retains it inside when it’s cold. So you end up having much more control over the room temperature, as well as helping to save the environment.

Reduce Noise

There is also the benefit of reducing outside noise. The blackout material is thick enough to provide a slight reduction in noise by deflecting away sound.

The Disadvantages of Blackout Blinds

While there are many more benefits than not, there are still a couple disadvantages to consider that we will go over.

living room

Not All Fabrics Available

Not all fabrics are available with blackout lining, so if you want to have some blackout lined blinds and others not, you should consider this before choosing the non-lined ones.

Not For Every Window

They can be installed on 95% of uPVC windows, which is great for almost everyone, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not in the 5%. How do you make sure that you’re not in the 5%? The best way is to contact a local advisor from Hillarys. Click here to contact them.

Where to Buy Blackout Blinds?

When it comes time to buy Blackout blinds you need to decide whether you want to install them yourself or have a trained professional do it for you. For 90% of people, we would recommend getting a professional to do it for you, but we will go over the pros and cons of both options.

Professional Measuring

We highly recommend that you get your blinds professionally measured with Hillary’s. You can schedule a FREE appointment where they will bring a complete sample frame for you to look at. They also have slat samples to match in any room.

This is by far the best option for most people. Click the button below to book your appointment today, or call 0800 328 4170.

Measuring and Installing Yourself

If you’re a DIY type of person and have the complete technical know how to get the job done properly then you can always book online with web-blinds and pick up a pair of your choice. Whether it’s wooden style you’re after or something different, they have a big selection.

The downside is that the color might not look the same as it appears online so if that’s ok with you then you can click the button below to order online today!

The Verdict on Black Out Blinds

Blinds from Perfect Fit will greatly improve the blackout blind experience. They do this by framing it, to prevent even more light from entering the room, as well as clipping it directly to the window for easier access to the window or door.

Overall the benefits of fitted style blinds are hard to ignore and we highly recommend picking up a pair for your home. You can save money, sleep better, decrease noise, and gain privacy. All this is available with easy installation. Click here to get started today.