When it comes to Perfect Fit blinds for your windows and doors there are a few different options for you to explore. The type that you get for your home will depend on what you are looking for and what your requirements are. Keep reading to get the answer to what kind of Perfect Fit blinds you should get for your home.

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What to Consider With Perfect Fit Blinds

Below are the main factors that you must consider when buying some new Perfect Fits for your home.

What Room They’ll Go In?

What room your blinds will go in is probably the most important thing to consider when it comes to the type that you buy. If they go in the conservatory then you’ll need a different type than for a bathroom etc.

If you are looking at getting Perfect Fit’s for your conservatory than you can go with almost any type. Bathrooms will require something with water resistance so Venetians with aluminum slats are probably the best bet. Overall PF system blinds are quite flexible.


How much privacy you need is a huge factor in what kind you get. All kinds of PF blinds offer good privacy but only Venetians allow you to control the angle of the slats and let some light in as well. Rollers and pleated blinds will offer a decent amount of privacy but don’t allow you to control the amount of light very well.

What Type of Perfect Fit Blinds is Right for You?


Rollers are a good option if you want something that can be adjusted super easily and don’t need to control the amount of light you let into the room. They come in tons of different colors and designs to suit almost any room. The downside is that there isn’t as much control and you can only have them at certain positions.


Venetians are the perfect option if you want something that gives you a ton of privacy and allows a great level of control. They can be tilted with a wand and moved up and down with a control tab. They look great in conservatories, bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. They are the most versatile by far, but might not block enough light for some people.

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Pleats are the most stylish type of Perfect Fit blinds and go well in conservatories and even bedrooms. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit a wide range of rooms. The downside is that they can’t be used in bathrooms and kitchens because they could be damaged. They can be fitted with a blackout liner to help completely block out the light if needed. This feature makes them a great option for conservatories and bedrooms because they can block the light very well.


Overall when trying to decide what type of Perfect Fit Blinds are right for you, there are a few things to consider. Where they are used, what style you want, and how much privacy you need are all important factors. You can check out more options on the homepage https://www.perfectfitsystem.co.uk.