Cleaning your Perfect Fit blinds… the thing that nobody wants to do but has to. Perfect Fit blinds are one of the best ways to lower the amount of maintenance that you have to do on your window blinds. The convenient installation and features make them a great option, however, you still have to clean them from time to time.

The problem is that most people get it wrong when it comes time to clean their Perfect Fit blinds. We will go over the proper way to do this without damaging them and still be able to get all the dirt off. First, though, we want to go over why you must clean them regularly.

Why Clean Your Perfect Fit Blinds?

The main reason why you must clean your Perfectfits is that of dirt and dust buildup. Dust is very unhealthy for you and your family. All window blinds, including Perfect Fits, collect dust, period. There’s simply nothing you can do to prevent this, however you can clean it off regularly to stop the dust from affecting the health of you and your family.

Methods of Cleaning Perfect Fit Blinds

There are a couple different methods for cleaning your Perfect Fit blinds that we will go over. There are much more, but we have found them to be relatively ineffective so we will just give the only two that will actually work.

Vacuum With Brush Attachment

This is by far the best way to get the job done and the one that we would recommend the most. The important thing to note is that you must use the brush attachment. This is crucial for not damaging your Perfect Fits.

The vacuum will suck up any dirt with ease and leave your blinds looking great. You can even schedule this in when you vacuum your floor so that it becomes a habit to clean them regularly.

Wiping With a Damp Cloth

Another way that you can clean your perfect fit blinds is to wipe them carefully with a damp microfiber cloth. You want to make sure that the cloth is not too wet though, especially on wooden blinds.

This method will work but to be honest the vacuum method is much better for cleaning Perfect Fit blinds.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Perfect Fits

There are a few things that you want to avoid when cleaning your blinds. The main thing to avoid is to not use any harsh chemicals on them whatsoever. Read the manufacturers instructions carefully and don’t use any chemicals that could potentially damage your blinds.

A few types of cleaners that you don’t want to use on Perfect Fits are anything alcohol based, baby wipes, strong detergents, soaps and anything alkaline.


We are confident that if you follow all these steps that you can make your Perfect Fit blinds look great in no time. Use a vacuum with the brush attachment and avoid using harsh cleaners and you will be fine. If you want more info then read our Perfect Fit blinds guide to see other options that click in the window.