A common concern that people have is that their brand new Perfect Fit Blinds will cause condensation on their windows. The origin of this belief is unclear but in this article, we will go over what exactly it is and if it’s even true.

What is Condensation?

window condensationCondensation happens when humid air meets a cold surface. The water hits the cold surface and condenses, hence the term condensation.

This can happen fairly frequently on windows during the morning hours. The reason for this is that the window will be cold from the temperature outside. The air inside however is much warmer. When these two things meet the water will condense causing a layer of condensed water to cover the window. This is a fairly common scenario that happens during the fall months.

Do Perfect Fit Blinds Cause Condensation?

The short answer is no, Perfect Fit blinds do not cause condensation. However, we will go over a few reasons why this myth came about.

The Reason Why People Think PerfectFits Cause Condensation

The main reason that people think Perfect Fit blinds, or any other window blind can cause condensation is that they sit close to the window or door frame and prevent circulation in some cases.

While this is true to a certain extent, the blinds don’t block circulation of air so much that it causes condensation or makes it worse. The Perfect Fit blinds don’t sit that close to the window because the design of the perfectfit frame doesn’t allow it.

Does Condensation Damage Perfect Fit Blinds?

A lot of people wonder if their new window blinds will be damaged by condensation. The answer is that this is possible. The main thing to worry about would be mould. This can occur in the folded portion of the blinds and is fairly common. It’s very important to check your blinds regularly for any signs of mold and act accordingly.

How to Prevent Condensation Damage to Perfect Fit Blinds

Luckily there are a couple things you can do to stop condensation from damaging your perfect fits.


dehumidifierHaving adequate ventilation is probably the number one thing you can do that will prevent your blinds from growing mold or other damage. This is because the cause of condensation in the first place is often a lack of ventilation.

One trick you can do is to open the window when the heat is on. You’ll see a reduction in condensation very quickly because the air is circulating much more efficiently. You can also leave the windows open just a crack and see if that fixes the issue.


Another thing that you can do is to use a good dehumidifier. They work to suck in the air and filter out all the water which will help to get the job done.


While blinds in the Perfect Fit frame don’t directly cause condensation you must keep in mind that they can be damaged by it. Luckily if you follow these tips you can really reduce this from happening. Check out a good window blind if you want to see some examples.