There’s a number of reasons that window blinds are a must-have for conservatories, the most important are:

  • Light control to block out or at least angle the light entering the room
  • Temperature control to prevent the conservatory over heating
  • Privacy so you can comfortably sit inside without feeling like you’re in a goldfish bowl

But with that, comes a serious problem:

Drilling into your conservatory to install window blinds will permanently damage it, leaving holes, and voiding your guarantee.

Probably not something you want to do, especially if it’s a brand new conservatory.

Thankfully, in 2017 there is a better solution.

It’s called “Perfect Fit Blinds”.

They’re a “click in” frame system for windows, doors, and conservatories. So you can install window blinds without any drilling, screws, or holes. They simply click in between the glazing and the beading of the uPVC.

Here’s how it looks:

That means for windows you plan on using, they’re fitted against the window, so you can continue to open the window – and access the handle. And you’ll still have a full usage of the window sill, rather than it being taken up by the blind.

Summarised, there’s a number of benefits to perfect fit blinds for conservatories:

  • No drilling, screws, or holes so your guarantee remains intact, and your conservatory isn’t permanently damaged
  • The doors and windows will remain fully accessible, so you won’t have to move the blind to access them
  • A clean look, and usable window sills
  • Matching frame colours for your conservatory
  • Sunlight control to filter the light entering the room, or angle it to reduce glare
  • Optional blackout lining for blinds to completely block the light entering the room
  • Optional thermal lining to prevent the room over-heating, or over-cooling