Conservatories are very popular in homes all across the UK. If you have a one in your home then there’s a number of reasons that Perfect Fit blinds for your conservatory are a must-have. We’ll be going over all these reasons and also where you can get blinds for your home at the lowest price…


What Are Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds?

Conservatory blinds are not necessarily a certain type, but rather any blind that you use in your conservatory that uses the Perfect Fit System Frame. You could use any type of blind that is compatible with this frame.

Pros of Using Perfect Fit Blinds For Your Conservatory

Light control

Sometimes during Uk summers, the sun can get so bright that it can almost blind people sitting inside. This could be a huge problem if you were having people over and they were unable to sit in the room with glaring light.

Try out the blackout lining with PerfectFits to reduce the amount of light that shines in.

Temperature Control

Tying in with the last point, the sun can turn up the temperature in your conservatory by quite a lot. The whole point of a conservatory is so that you can have somewhere to relax, but if the sun is shining in too much it can make it too hot and even uncomfortable. This can be a big issue if you like to entertain guests during the summer.

Thankfully Perfect Fit has an optional thermal lining to help reduce the temperature on those hot days.


You don’t want to be sitting in your conservatory and have people outside be able to see in easily, especially at night. Some easy fit blinds can give you complete control over what people see when they look in your window. This will give you great peace of mind when you want to relax in private.

No Damage

Traditional window blinds often require some drilling to install. Not only can this be intimidating if you are not a handy person, but it can actually damage your conservatory.

This can be a disaster if you cause permanent damage and void your guarantee!

Easy Installation

clip onPerfect Fit Blinds are a “click in” frame system for windows, doors, and conservatories. So you can install window blinds without any drilling, screws, or holes. They simply click in between the glazing and the beading of the uPVC.

That means for windows you plan on using, they’re fitted against the window, so you can continue to open the window – and access the handle. And you’ll still have a full usage of the window sill, rather than it being taken up by the blind.

Where to Buy Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds?

You have a couple options when it comes to getting some PF blinds from a good supplier.

Professional Measuring

We would highly recommend that you use a professional service to come and measure your blinds. You can click the button below to book a FREE appointment with Hillary’s and they will come out and do the measuring for you.


If you consider yourself to be a handy person then you can take the DIY route and pick up a pair of conservatory blinds from Web Blinds. Click the button below to see what they have in stock.


There are so many reasons to pick up easifit blinds for your conservatory. Just a few are: no drilling or holes, doors and windows remain fully accessible, clean look, usable window sills,
matching frame colours, and sunlight/temperature control.

Click here to see some blinds in the Perfect Fit Frame today, you won’t regret it.