If you’re looking for blinds for your doors, you may have realised a big problem:

Many of them will require drilling into the door, permanently damaging it, and voiding your guarantee.

Thankfully, there is a better way.

It’s called the “Perfect Fit frame” system, and it’s an easy “click in” frame solution for Venetian, Roller, and Pleated blinds.

The frame simply clicks into your uPVC door, and holds the blind into place.

Here’s how it looks:

And the overall blind looks like this:

There are numerous benefits to this:

  • No drilling, screws, or holes in your door so you don’t void the guarantee nor permanently damage it
  • The door handle is fully accessible in front of the blind, without moving it, so you don’t have extra hassle opening it
  • It’s fully fitted to the door, so you can open the door and it’ll stay in position, without needing to touch it
  • The blind is secured in a frame, so it doesn’t swing out and potentially get trapped in the door when closing it

If you’re interested in learning more, and having a local advisor visit your home, we highly recommend Hillarys (our #1 rated supplier).

Suitable Blinds for French Doors?

The Perfect Fit system works and looks great on french doors.

You can choose from 3 different frame colours, to match your uPVC colour, and hundreds of colour or pattern choices to suit your room.

And you’ll be able to install them without ever drilling into your door, and fitted on the door, so you can open and close it without ever touching or moving the blind.

Here’s some example of how it can look:


Patio Doors? Bifold Doors?


The PerfectFit frame system works on practically every type of uPVC door.