If you’re looking into buying a good pair of PerfectFit blinds and now need some measuring or installation tips then you’re in the right place. Thankfully the Perfect Fit system makes it fairly easy to get this done without a massive headache.

There are a few steps that you’ll need to go through to do this which are broken up into sections. The first step will be to measure the blinds properly, we’ll walk you through the best way to accomplish this. The next is to install them where we will again show what you’ll need to get this done.

Measuring For Perfect Fit Blinds

measure and installThe first thing you’ll need to do is measure where your blinds will be going. Although the PerfectFit System fits around 95% of windows you need to make sure. They fit internally beaded uPVC frames that are sealed with glazing gasket. Nowadays there are safety regulations which require this but it’s good to make sure beforehand.

Next, you’ll want to check for handles which stick out. You want a 6mm clearance all around the window frame in order for it to be a good fit. Spacers can raise the handle if necessary.

Next, it’s time to measure the space that the actual glass takes up. You want to get the width and drop. It’s recommended to use a digital measuring tape for this as you want to be as accurate as possible.

After measuring the glass you want to measure the window frame depth. You can do this by using a depth gauge. You want the measurement of how far in the glass sits into the frame. This measurement will determine what size of brackets are used. Below are some sample bracket sizes that are used for certain measurements.

Window Frame depth between 14mm to 18mm = 18mm brackets
Window Frame depth between 19mm to 20mm = 20mm brackets.
Window Frame depth between 21mm to 24mm = 24mm brackets.
Window Frame depth is 25mm = 24mm brackets.
Window Frame depth is 26mm = 24mm brackets.
Window Frame depth is 27mm = 24mm brackets.

Installing Perfect Fit Blinds

The first step in the installation process is to carefully unwrap the blind and place it on its front face with the closed blind at the top and visible.

Then you can slide each corner joint into the frame pieces to make a rectangular frame shape. You push them into the groove until they are fully inside and then tighten the small screws so make all the corners firmly anchored in place.

The next step is to fit the corner covers in properly. Make sure to install the corner covers by pushing them over the corner of the frame and secure them at the back with some screws.

Then you can fit the brackets to the window. You can use a measuring card to find the right position to install the first bracket. Slide one of the brackets under the glazing gasket so that it is tight against the bead. You can use some dish soap for lubrication if necessary.

The final step is to fit the Perfect Fit blinds to the brackets. First, line up the holes into the perfectfit frame and clip the frame onto each bracket. Do one at a time until the clip pops into the hole, holding the Perfect Fit frame into place on the window frame.


We hope that you found our instructions helpful and make sure to watch the video if more help is needed.