What are Pleated Blinds?

perfect fit pleated blinds

Pleated Blinds are a classic, and still very popular window blind for adding shade and colour to a window.

They’re highly adaptable, most manufacturers offering 50 to 100+ patterns, colours, and shades.

And for conservatories and rooms prone to heating up under the sun, they’re ideal for reducing the temperature and/or blocking out the sun with performance fabrics.

Why Choose Pleated Blinds in the Perfect Fit Frame?

The Perfect Fit system eliminates the need for cords, so there’s no free hanging cord you need to pull to raise or lower the pleated blind. Instead, you it uses a “tab control system”.

This is especially important for homes with children, increasing the safety.

All you need to do, is hold the tab, then raise or lower the blind to the position you like. It’ll then completely remain in position.

The other huge benefit is that it’s fitted to the window frame, within a frame system. So the blind won’t swing out when opening the window or door, and you’ll still be able to access the door handles without having to move the blind first.

Here’s a summarised list of the benefits:

  • The clip-in frame allows installation directly against the window/door/conservatory, without any drilling, screws, or holes in your property, saving the guarantee from being voided
  • The frame holds the pleated blind against the window, so you can continue to use it without interruption, and without it swinging out getting in the way
  • For conservatories, bedrooms, or rooms prone to strong sunlight, blackout options will reduce sun temperatures and completely block light from entering the room
  • Can be fitted to windows, doors, and conservatories
  • Any pleated fabric can be used, so you can match your whole home, regardless of whether you use the PF system

Read our full buyers guide for the Perfect Fit system

The Potential Downsides

The tab control system will easily allow you to control the light entering the room. All you need to do is raise or lower the blind to the position you would like it. Blackout lining will also enhance how well it blocks out the sun.

But this doesn’t provide as much control as a Venetian would, for example. Venetians can be tilted to angle the light differently, whereas, with Pleats, you’ll need to block it – or not.

For most people that will be enough, but it’s something to consider.

The 2 final potential downsides to consider are:

  1. The additional cost of the frame. The PF frame is an additional cost to a standard Pleated blind, which is something to consider. Though if you need your windowsill space, or regularly use the window or door, it is definitely worth it.
  2. The Perfect Fit system can only be installed on 95% of uPVC windows. While 95% is a huge percentage, there is a small amount that it isn’t compatible with. We advise speaking to an advisor to help with this, Hillarys is our top recommended.

The Verdict on Pleated Blinds

Pleats are sleek and stylish way to filter the light entering the room, while beautifully furnishing the window.

The Perfect Fit frame improves that experience by increasing accessibility to the windows/doors, removing the need to ruin your guarantee, and allowing simple usage without cords.

If you would like to get speak to a local advisor and have your windows measured for Perfect Fit Pleats, we recommend Hillarys.