Cleaning pleated blinds is different from cleaning windows since the space available for access can restrict flexibility with the back and forth motion, unlike with the usual windows. They gather dust easily, not to mention some unsightly grime. In order to keep the shades looking their best and lasting for years to come, follow these steps.

Here are items you need to get together first, before starting your cleaning binge.

  • Lukewarm water from the tap
  • Dry and clean towel made of cotton
  • Mild upholstery spray foam
  • Vacuum cleaner that has a bristle attachment
  • Dry sponge or a good microfiber cloth

Research the Pleated Blinds Material First

You can’t just clean the shades right away without knowing what kind of material it is made of. If you still have the package of your pleated blinds, just look for instructions or information as to what material the shades are made of. You can also contact the manufacturer regarding the materials that should be used.

The reason for this is because different materials require different cleaning methods and supplies. However, a vacuum will help a ton in getting rid of the dust particles and the dead skin cells which settle on them. Just a single sweep with the vacuum using the bristle attachment will obliterate all the dust there is. You need to ensure that the bristle attachment you are going to use is dry and clean in order to avoid damaging or making them dirtier.

Start from the Top of the Pleated Blinds

It doesn’t matter what kind of Pleated blinds you are cleaning, it is really handy that you keep it in mind that you have to start from the top. The reason for this is to avoid soiling the places that you have already cleaned. When you clean the pleated blinds, make sure that you don’t use the fabric cleaner or similar as they are prone to staining easily.

The highly recommended way of cleaning Pleated style is to use the dry sponge. You can buy this from the local hardware store and then use it to wipe off the surface dirt. You can also go for a microfiber towel. Make sure that you use the lukewarm water if you want to dampen up the sheet, then run it through the surface of every pleat as you work your way down to the bottom.

Be Careful When Cleaning Pleated Blinds

In order to make it thoroughly clean, it is best to remove the shade out of the window and then lay them all down on a flat and clean surface. By doing it this way, it will be more comfortable when you do the cleaning and not leave it off hanging from the ladder. Next, you vacuum the shade in order to suck up any of the leftover dust.

To clean any oily marks or fingerprints, you can use the spray-foam that is specially designed for cleaning fabric or upholstery cleaning. Spray it evenly all over the area that needs to be cleaned so that you can stop it from patching. Avoid rubbing the fabric too hard as this will wrinkle and crush it. Pat it with a dry and clean towel to finish off. You only need to hang up the shade when it is completely dry.

Make sure that you regularly clean your pleated blinds so that it will prevent dust accumulation, not to mention it will also keep your blinds lasting for a long time. If you want some good Pleated blinds, then read our Perfect Fit Pleated Blind reviews. This style requires minimal installation and is very high quality.