The spring roller blind utilizes a tube that is hollow wherein it contains a coil spring which is the main placeholder. The material and size of this tube vary, but they are mostly made of aluminum nowadays. When this is pulled down, the tension of the spring increases. When this pull is stopped, the pin together with the ratchet holds the tension of the spring at the other roller shade’s end. On the other end, there you will find the turning pin wherein it mounts up in the bracket.

At times the spring can get uncoiled during shipping, thus the roller blinds optimum function gets impaired – it won’t work properly. When you own a roller blind that is not functioning well, all it might need is a quick adjustment and it will be solved in no time. Here are some tips on how you can adjust your roller blinds.

Tighten roller blind spring tension

  • First, pull down the shade about halfway.
  • Take out the roller blinds, which is located in the brackets
  • Roll the shade up using your hands, but make sure you are careful in doing so, especially make sure that you roll it evenly or it will get messed up.
  • Change the roller shade into the brackets.
  • Repeat the steps when needed until you feel its tension is acceptable.

Loosening the roller blind spring tension

  • Roll the shade up.
  • Take out the brackets’ roller shade.
  • Unroll shade about halfway using your hand.
  • Change the brackets’ roller shade.
  • Repeat this when necessary or up until you feel its tension is acceptable

Releasing a spring locked within the coil

  • Take the roller blinds out from its brackets.
  • With the use of pliers, grip on the pin and then twist it clockwise in order to release the pawl. Do this quickly so as to unwind the coil.
  • You either tighten up or loosen the spring tension when needed, utilizing the already mentioned instructions above.

Adjusting an uncoiled spring

  • Take the roller shades out from its brackets.
  • About halfway, roll out the shade.
  • Using a pair of pliers, use it to turn the shade’s spring side until you will feel the tension. You go back as its pawl hooks to the ratchet.
  • You either tighten or loosen the tension of the spring based on the aforementioned instructions.

The roller shades are mostly easy to fix up, sometimes when they act up this means that they have ultimately used up their lifespan. When the tips above doesn’t solve the problem, it might be a sign that you need to shop for new roller shade. You can read our Perfect Fit roller blind reviews for some ideas. They are by far the easiest to install and use.

You can still go for the usual basic roller blinds, but if you want durability that will last longer than your previous roller blinds, better upgrade and invest one that will be convenient and will serve its real purpose. A lot of these types of roller shades tend to overlap, thus you get to choose the favorite features and even create your own customized and personalized roller shade. You might even want to have it equipped with a feature that filters light.