What are Venetian Blinds?

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds

Venetian Blinds, often referred to as “horizontal blinds”, are becoming one of the most popular types of window blinds in the UK. Especially wooden ones.

Aluminium Venetians are also extremely popular in office environments because of their versatility and ability to easily control and divert light entering the windows. Tilting the blinds can allow you to reduce glare on computer screens, TVs, or people – while keeping the room bright and full of natural light.

They can be customised with numerous colours and patterns, allowing you to find the ideal match for your room and home. Ranging from basic colours, to shiny or matte, and various stylish patterns.

Most people will differentiate “Venetians” as aluminium blinds, and “Wooden Venetians” for wooden blinds. Though technically they’re both Venetians.

Why Choose Venetian Blinds in the Perfect Fit Frame?

The Perfect Fit System completely eliminates the need for cords, and allows you to fit the blind directly to the window, door, or conservatory.

So for environments with children, it is completely safe. Simply raise or lower the blind and it’ll remain in position. Or turn the wand to tilt the blind.

On top of that, it fits directly against the window, so you can continue to operate doors or regularly used windows – without having to move the blind first.

Here’s a short, summarised list of the benefits:

  • No drilling or screws, so no damage is made to your uPVC window/door frames, keeping your guarantee intact
  • The blind is clipped into the window frame, so you can continue to use the window or door without it swinging out, or removing your access to the handles
  • There’s no cords, so it’s completely safe around children
  • Can be fitted to windows, doors, and conservatories
  • Works with any 25mm Venetian blind, so even if you don’t use PerfectFit’s everywhere around your home, you can match them up

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The Potential Downsides

The frame size can only fit slat sizes up to 25mm. Which is the most common type of aluminium blinds, but is very uncommon for wooden.

If you already have Aluminium Venetians, they’re probably already 25mm – so this shouldn’t be an issue. Likewise if you’re purchasing new Venetians, you’re likely to be recommended 25mm by your advisor, simply because they allow the most control over light entering the room.

If however, you have wooden blinds that you would like to match up. The best solution will probably to use a similar coloured aluminium option, as even if you find a supplier for a 25mm wooden blind – it would look completely different to what’s in the rest of your home. Probably 50mm, the most popular choice.

That is something to consider, but doesn’t take away from all the advantages provided by Perfect Fit Venetians.

Aside from that, there’s 2 final considerations:

  1. While the Perfect Fit System can be installed on 95% of uPVC window frames, you want to be certain you’re in the 95%.Consider contacting a reputable supplier like Hillarys. They’ll send a local advisor to your home, who will be able to answer this for you, measure up, and show you the different design options available.
  2. Purchasing a blind in the Perfect Fit frame costs more than without, as should be obvious.Though, especially for doors and windows where you would usually drill into the frame and ruin the guarantee, this should be more than worth it.

The Verdict on Venetians

Venetian blinds are a beautiful, highly flexible solution for furnishing your windows. Allowing simple, yet total control over light entering the room by tilting the slats to an angle that suits.

The PerfectFit frame improves that experience with the “pull up” tab and clip-in fit to the window frame. Making this a great choice for doors, conservatories, and regularly accessed windows.

If you would like to learn more, or have an advisor visit your home, we highly recommend you give our recommended supplier, Hillarys, a call and arrange a home appointment with your local advisor.

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