covered windowThe bedroom is one of the rooms that you’ll spend the most time in. Between sleeping and other activities, roughly 30%+ of your time will be spent here. This makes it crucial to get the right pair of Perfect Fit blinds for your bedroom.

If you don’t get the right pair there are some problems which can arise. One would be a lack of privacy. You don’t want your neighbors seeing in, do you? Also, you want to make sure that they block the sun adequately. It could be annoying if the light gets in and wakes you up when you don’t want it to.

Because of all these reasons, it’s crucial to get it right and pick the best perfect fit blinds for the bedroom. Keep reading while we go over everything that you need to consider.

Vertical Blinds

These don’t come in the Perfect Fit frame but we wanted to mention them because they are the worst choice when it comes to getting blinds for your bedroom. They offer limited privacy, are annoying to operate, and are an overall poor choice for any room that needs privacy like the bedroom.

Roller Blinds

motor blindsRoller blinds in the Perfect Fit frame are an excellent choice for the bedroom. They have a wide variety of choices and can complement any room.

They can even be fitted with a blackout lining that will not only give you privacy but also make sure that you get the sleep you need.

Another option is to go with duo rollers. This is when you have two roller blinds. One in front that can have a thicker blackout lining and another in front with a thinner lining that still allows a bit of light in. This can give you the best of both worlds.

Venetian Blinds

Another option is the Venetian style of Perfect Fit blinds. These are a decent option for the bedroom. They can be tilted to the angle you want. This allows you to choose how much light is let in and also how much privacy you have.

The downside of Venetians for the bedroom is that they might not block as much light as you need. If you’re a late sleeper then it might be a bit too bright for you with Venetians.


Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are another option in the Perfect Fit frame that people might consider for use in their bedroom. They can possibly be used but aren’t quite as good as other options that we will go over.

Roman Blinds

These don’t come in Perfect Fit style but are still worth a mention. They can be used in the bedroom and offer good privacy. They are a decent option if you’re looking for something that isn’t necessarily in the PF system.

The Verdict

Overall if you’re wondering what blinds in the Perfect Fit style are the best for your bedroom we would recommend the roller style. If you want to see our other reviews of screwless options then check them out.